Why Is The Fan On My PS4 Loud

Why Is The Fan On My PS4 Loud

Why is the fan so loud on my PS4 you might be asking? When last did you do a service on your PS4 console?

This is a long article, please make sure you read to the bottom, this will give you a good understanding of why the PS4 consoles fans really get so loud.

Before you run and open your PS4 console to clean the fan, please read this article first, cleaning the fan won’t always sort the problem out!

I love the internet and how much you can learn from it, the only thing that really upsets me about it is the number of rubbish people talk or write about out there.

Just type in Why Is My Fan On My PS4 Loud and see what people say or tell you to do, most people that follow these steps come into us with broken PS4’s as it’s not that simple to strip a PS4!

There are so many videos and articles of people telling you how to sort the problem out when your PS4 consoles fan is picking up, 99% of them are bull!

The first question I would like to ask you is your PS4’s fan picking up in all your games, and I’m talking about all PS4 models here.

The Original, the Slim and the Pro models all have the problem with the fan picking up.

If your answer is yes, then my next question would be how long ago did you get your PS4 serviced by a professional gaming repair company?

If it was more than a year ago, you might have a serious problem with your PS4 at any time now, could be a year a week or even a month from now.

As soon as the year warranty is up on your PS4 console, get it serviced, this is very important if you want your PS4 to last another few years.

If you have the cash to buy a new one, when your’s just gives in, no problem. Don’t service just replace.

Please don’t think I’m being arrogant, I’m trying to educate as many of our website visitors and our customer as possible.

I really want everyone to understand how important it is to do regular service on their PS4 consoles so they don’t need to buy a new one every two years.

I would like to put it to you in a different way, why do we need to service our cars on a regular basis?

The answer is like anything else that needs service or maintenance done to it, it has moving parts.

Your PS4 might look like a square plastic box that can’t drive down the road, but there are quite a few moving parts inside that plastic box.

Those moving parts in your PS4 might need a little oil, grease or just a really good clean, just like you can need a service.

So next time you ask “Why Is The Fan On My PS4 Loud” service your PS4 yearly and it will last you a couple more years.

No, A Service Doesn’t always Sort Out The Fan Problem!!!

We’ve done hundreds of services on all PS4 models especially on the PS4 Pro first generation and it still doesn’t sort the fan problem out.

We very quickly realised that the problem isn’t just, that the PS4’s need a good service, the PS4 consoles are the actual problem.

The problem is that the PS4 consoles themselves cannot handle the high graphics of new games coming out these days.

They say that the problem has been sorted out on the second generation PS4 Pro, but we haven’t received any of them yet as they probably still under warranty at the time of writing this post.

If you compare the size of the processor on the new Xbox One X, it’s about 1 and a half times bigger than the PS4 Pro.

I have a feeling they will use this processor in the new PS5 when it comes out.


If your PS4 has not been serviced, bring it in so we can do a full service for you, and bring it in at least once a year for a full service

If the air coming out of the back of the PS4 isn’t too hot, then the PS4 is not overheating yet.

PS4 now need this service due to them working harder to read the new games coming out now as the processor needs to work much harder.

If you have any comments, leave them below, and I hope this helps all those people asking why is the fan on my PS4 so loud.

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