PS4 Randomly Ejects Discs While Playing

PS4 Randomly Ejects Discs While Playing

When your PS4 randomly ejects discs while playing, we can help you get it repaired.

Many people will show you a quick fix online on how to pull out the rubber feet at the bottom, or to even turn the screw that you use to manually take out the disc.

This may help for a little while and then just start again at a later stage.

Other symptoms that you might be getting is that the PS4 just randomly make a beeps sound or the PS4 turns on by itself.

The actual problem is inside the drive itself and the PS4 will need to be opened and a drive repair needs to be done including a full service on the disc drive.

Don’t take off the rubber feet from your PS4 console, they are there for a reason.

The rubber feet people tell you to take off is there to help with the vibrations while the disc is spinning in the drive and the vibrations from the fan.

What needs to be done?

The disc drive needs to be opened and all the gears need to be cleaned and checked for wear.

If there are signs of wear, we then need to replace the worn parts and align everything.

After that, all the moving components need to be oiled and checked.

Once all this is done, we need to realign the drive and the laser again.

Aligning the drive and laser is one of the most important things of this repair if it’s not done the PS4 will either not read games at all, or still randomly eject the discs.

Cost of the repair

If you PS4 randomly ejects discs, to get a proper automated estimate on the repair, please click on the button below and the system will send you an automated cost of the repair.

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