PS4 Just Gives A White Light

PS4 Just Gives A White Light

If your PS4 just gives a white light at the top on or on other newer PS4 models like the Slim or Pro at the power button.

This is usually the HDMI IC or the HDMI port itself that is damaged, we can repair it for you so you can get back to gaming on your PS4 again.

We one of the only companies in South Africa that can do this repair, and probably one of the only ones to do it on the PS4 Slim and Pro models.

Why the PS4 just gives a white light?

Firstly, it could be the HDMI IC that is damaged, this usually occurs when the PS4 console has been struck by lightning or there has been a power surge and it has come through the PS4’s HDMI port.

The other cause of the problem also known as the “White Light of Death” is the HDMI port itself that could be damaged.

If you take a close look inside the HDMI port, and you see any of the pins damaged or lifted, then your HDMI port on the PS4 will need to be replaced.

Also, try and move the port and see if it’s loose if it is we will also need to replace it for you.

If you see no damage to the port and the HDMI IC is still working, then it could be a loose solder joint, a component on the HDMI circuit or even the HDMI filters that are blown.

Getting it repaired

Please don’t attempt this repair yourself or even take it to a repair company that is not qualified to do this repair.

If this repair isn’t done correctly, you might need to replace the complete main board.

We’ve had a few PS4 consoles now with the WLOD problem, that have been somewhere else, and it was very badly damaged by the previous companies.

We were lucky enough to still get it to work, after tracing the tracks and building new tracks to the components.

What is the cost?

The cost of this repair is far less than buying a new PS4, especially the cost of a new PS4 today or even similar.

Please use our free estimate form below to get a cost of the PS4 White Light of Death repair.

If your PS4 just gives a white light it can be repaired, and you wouldn’t need to buy a new one.

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