PS4 Not Reading Discs

PS4 Is Not Reading Discs

Are you having problems where your PS4 is not reading discs? This is a common problem we can repair for you.

What causes this?

The problem is that the laser inside the disc drive has burnt out, the lasers on all gaming consoles usually only have a lifespan of about 3 years.

They can last upto 5 years, it all depends on how often you use the PS4 with discs.

If you download most of your games, the laser won’t be used as much as when you buy game discs and play them from the disc.

Your discs might be the problem

Before you bring your PS4 to us for not reading discs, make sure your discs aren’t faulty first.

To check you discs, try holding it up to the light and look and look at it from the shiny side.

If you look at it can you see any scratches on the label side, sort of like looking through the disc.

I hope that makes sense, the data on a disc is not on the shiny side, it’s under the label side where the picture is.

If the label side is damaged in anyway the disc will not work, and it might only load the disc upto a certain point and then give an error.

Repair cost of the laser

To get a proper updated cost on the laser replacement for the different PS4 models, please click on the free estimate button below.

Once you select your model and the problem, the system will send you a estimate cost to replace the immediately if your PS4 is not reading discs.

Collection or come directly

We can either arrange for a collection and delivery back to you again after the repair is done.

Or, you can come directly to us, Click Here to find our address details.

Once you get the free estimate from us if your PS4 is not reading discs, we will send you an email to our free online collection page.

We can either collect from your work or home address, anywhere in South Africa.

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