Not taking or ejecting discs

PS4 Is Not Reading Discs

If your PS4 is not reading discs, this could just be the laser itself that might need to be replaced.

Please don’t use the cleaners you can buy that you put in the PS4 drive and it cleans the laser or lens.

This will cause further damage to your PS4 as they were intended to be used on CD/DVD players, not on gaming consoles and definitely not on PS4 consoles!

Here are some of the errors you might be getting on the screen when your PS4 is not reading games or discs.

Unsupported Disc

PS4 Not Reading Disc 3

Unrecognised Disc

PS4 Not Reading Disc 2

When this happens the PS4 is not reading discs.

Here are some options to see if you can sort the problem out yourself.

  1. I know it might be an obvious one, but I even forget sometimes too. Make sure the disc you put in the drive is nice and clean and doesn’t even have any fingerprints on it.
  2. Hold your disc up to the light and look at it from the shiny side, not the picture or label side. if it looks like you can almost see through the disc at some places or if you can see scratched through the discs that are on the other side. Your disc is damaged and try a different disc to see what happens.
  3. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive, try to clear out some on your hard drive or storage of the older game installs that you don’t play anymore, and then try again.

These are the only things you can try to see if the problem is something you can sort out yourself, without opening the PS4 and possibly damaging components in the drive itself.

Even if you do replace the laser and you don’t take it out properly, the laser can go out of alignment and it still won’t read any discs even if there is nothing wrong with the laser.

Cost of replacing the laser

To get an estimated cost of replacing the laser on your PS4 console, please click on the free estimate button below.

The advantage of this is that you will know the estimated cost of replacing the laser before you even need to book it in.

This helps you budget for the repair cost beforehand.

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