PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

We can do a PS4 HDMI port replacement for you on any of the PS4 models, PS4 Original, PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

The best way to diagnose if your PS4’s HDMI port needs to be replaced is if you look inside the port and you see any of the pins bent.

Or, if you try move the HDMI port a little and you see that it’s loose.

Replacing the HDMI port on any of the PS4 models is not an easy job, it’s not just about plugging it out and putting a new one in.

The port needs to be soldered of the main board very carefully without putting to much heat into the main board.

If you put to much heat into the main board, you could damage other components around the HDMI port itself.

If the HDMI port on your PS4 console still looks good and it’s also not loose, then this is the HDMI IC that has blown on the main board.

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In this picture, you can see some examples of HDMI ports on PS4 consoles that have been damaged.

Also, try and move it slightly up and down or left to right and see if it’s loose too.

Don’t force it too much when trying to move it as you could damage the solder pads on the main board.

PS4 HDMI Port Damaged

We can help you with your PS4 HDMI port replacement, we have replaced hundreds of these ports already and we import them ourselves, keeping the cost down.

To get a free estimate on replacing the HDMI port, select your PS4 model and fill in your details so we can give you an immediate estimate on the repair.

Please don’t try and do the PS4 HDMI port replacement yourself, and don’t take it to just anyone.

We have seen a few botched repairs on HDMI ports in our time already, even one where some repair company tried to put a TV’s HDMI port onto a PS4 main board.

If it’s not done right, the pads where the HDMI port gets soldered on to the main board can get damaged and we will need to build new tracks.

If this happens the repair will cost more than just an HDMI port replacement.

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