If your PS4 gets hot or the fan is loud, take this very Seriously, I need to bold that and underline it!

90% of the time if a PS4 console is getting hot or the fan is very loud, the PS4 is telling you it can’t breath.

If you have any of these problems, stop using the PS4 immediately and get it to us for a full service.

If you not getting your PS4 console serviced at least once a year it won’t last very long and will cause you problems in the long run.

Why does the PS4 get hot or the fan get loud?

75% of the time it’s because the PS4 is full of dust and the fan and heatsink is clogged up with dust and fluff

Here’s a pic of a PS4 heatsink that is clogged up:

PS4 Dirty Heat Sink

On Top of this problem the thermal paste between the main processor and the heatsink probably also needs to be replaced and is dried out.

When the PS4 gets too hot, it will also affect the solder balls under the processor.

See pic below of the bottom of a PS4 processor:

PS4 Main Processor Bottom

When the processor gets hot and then cools down again, these little solder balls crack.

Here’s a picture taken with a microscope:

Cracked Solder Balls

Once this happens you will get what we call the Blue Light Of Death.

Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds, we just redo the processor for you with new solder balls again.

How do I avoid my PS4 from getting hot or the fan getting loud?

The best advice I can give you is to get your PS4 console to us so we can do a full service at least once a year.

In the full service we will replace the thermal paste and do a very good clean of the inside of the PS4 console.

How much does it cost to do a full service?

If your PS4 gets hot or the fan is loud, click on the free estimate button below and select your PS4 model and problem.

How to get your PS4 to us

We can either arrange a collection and delivery back to you again once the PS4 is serviced or repaired.

Or you can come to us directly, Click Here to find our address.

We don’t charge any quotation or assessment fees if your PS4 is getting hot or the fan is loud.

We also don’t require any payment upfront, you only pay once the repair or service is complete.

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