PS4 comes on and goes off again

PS4 Comes On And Goes Off Again

If your PlayStation 4 goes off after a few seconds, here’s why?

80% of the time when a PS4 console does this, it’s usually just the power supply that is damaged and needs to replacement.

The other 20% of the time it’s to do with the main processor or other components on the mainboard itself.

If any of the above problems have an issue, we can help you get it sorted out.

PS4 Original Power Supply ADP-240CR (Pulled)Power supply problem

If the PS4’s power supply is faulty, you can get it replaced within a few minutes, and you will be on your way again if a lightning strike didn’t cause the problem.

You won’t lose any data, and your PS4 will be just as it was before the power supply blew.

Power supply damaged due to lightning

If the PS4 has been struck by lightning and the power supply is faulty, there’s also a good chance the HDMI IC on the mainboard is also damaged.

This is also no problem. We can replace the HDMI IC for you too.

Once we replace the power supply itself, we will know if the HDMI IC has also blown or is faulty.

The HDMI IC replacement does take a little longer than a couple of minutes to replace.

Main processor problem

When the main processor on your PS4’s mainboard is

faulty or not making a proper connection with the board, you can get two different symptoms.

The first symptom is where your PS4 comes on for a few seconds and then goes off again.

The second symptom is if the PS4 comes on and stays on, but gives you a blue light across the top or at the power button, and there is no picture on the screen.

We also call this the Blue Light of Death or BLOD for short.

Read one of our other articles here that give you more info on the main processor of the PS4 consoles and why the BLOD can occur on your PS4.

Costs to get it working again

To see the pricing to get the problem sorted out, click on the button below to select your PS4 model and the symptom and the system will give you the price of the repair automatically.

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If your PS4 console is under warranty still, please visit the PlayStation website by Clicking Here and they will replace it for you with a refurbished one with a 3-month warranty.

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