Try Fix The PS4 Blue Light No Picture Problem Yourself

The PS4 blue light no picture on the screen problem is also know in the gaming industry as the Blue Light of Death or for short BLOD.

This is a problem that occurs on all the PS4 console models, PS4 Original, PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

If the guide below doesn’t work, don’t worry about it we can still get your back to your gaming again.

We have helped hundreds of customer sort out the Blue Light of Death problems on their PS4 consoles.

Do you actually have the Blue Light of Death Problem?

The symptoms of the Blue Light of Death and what the PS4 does when you have the BLOD.

When you switch your PS4 on and it goes and and stays on with a blue light across the top of the PS4 or at the power button but gives you no picture on the screen.

If your PS4 comes on shows a blue light and then goes off shortly after that, then it’s you power supply that is the problem.

What you can try to fix the BLOD problem.

Step 1: plug out all the cables from the back of your PS4 console including the power cable, controllers, USB cables, HDMI cables and anything else plugged in.

Step 2: leave all the cables unplugged for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: plug everything back in carefully again and try switching the PS4 console on again.

If this didn’t work?

If this didn’t work, let’s try diagnose if you have the Blue Light of Death problem or if it’s something else?

Step 1: plug in the power cable and the HDMI cable into your PS4 console and to the TV or screen.

Step 2: with the PS4 completely off showing no lights, hold down the on button and keep holding it.

You should hear the first beep telling you the PS4 is switching on, keep holding the on button in till you hear a second beep.

After the second beep let go of the power button.

Step 3: Give the PS4 about 2 to 3 minutes to try go into it’s boot menu, if this worked you should see a menu on your screen like this one below.

PS4 boot menu

Step 4: If you see this screen now select the option that says Rebuild Database, this waay you won’t lose any of your data.

If you don’t see this screen there is a bigger problem, but don’t worry about it we can repair it for you.

What causes the PS4 blue light no picture problem?

98% of the time it’s to do with the processor on the main board.

What happens is the main processor gets hot while playing and then cools down when you switch it off.

Under the processors there are small little solder balls that connect the processor to the main board, and is soldered to the main board.

With the processor heating up and cooling down, the solder balls either crack or start touching each other and need to be replaced.

Here are some examples below:

Solder balls under processor

When the solder cracks or joins together it creates a short and the PS4 gives you the Blue Light of Death.

What we do to repair the PS4 BLOD is remove the processor, then re-ball the processor and then again and then solder it back to the main board.

This is done with specialized equipment and cannot be done with just a soldering iron, the heat needs to be controlled during the process.

If the heat is not just perfect when heating up the processor to get the solder balls to fuse again, the processor will get damaged.


You will see this heading has been done in caps, in bold and underlined with not one but 3 exclamation points!

The reason for this is because other companies out there that attempt to do the repair, or the Youtube videos that show you how to do the repair causes so damage to the PS4.

This damage is so bad that you will never have a chance of repairing the BLOD on your PS4 again.

You can see in the picture below how this processor has been heated up so much that the processor is burnt at the bottom.

You might think this is a joke, but don’t put your main board in the oven at 110 degrees, or use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat up the main processor.

And most of all, be careful of repair companies that make claims of doing this repair, they use these methods above to do the repair.

If they don’t have a specialized machine to do the repair they will just damage your processor or the main board.


If a repair company is not willing to give you a 3 month warranty on the repair, and your money back if it comes back within the 3 months.

Don’t even waste your money in the first place doing the repair, it will last for 2 weeks, or be damaged beyond repair.

Get a free estimate cost of the repair.

To see what the repair will cost you on your PS4 console, fill in the form below and we will send you the estimate price within and hour.

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