PS3 Is Not Turning On

PS3 Is Not Turning On Repair

If your PS3 is not turning on, there is a very good chance that the power supply is faulty and will need to be replaced.

If it’s not the power supply itself then there is a component on the main board that is causing a short and not letting the PS3 come on. 

Power supplies can fail for different reasons, either from lightning, power surges or even if the power supply is clogged up with dust. 

This is why it’s so important that you let us do a full service for you on a yearly basis so we can get rid of all the dust and fluff build up. 

Dust and fluff can cause static and create a short inside the PS3’s power supply or even worse on the main board itself.

Cost of the repair

To get the most acurate estimate to repair your PS3 if it’s not turning on, simply click on the button “Get A Free Estimate”

Once you click on the button and follow the steps, we will send you an immediate estimate to you.

No more waiting for a estimate cost to repair your PS3 console, and you can budget for your repair before you even come to us.

How to get your PS3 repair to us 

There are two ways to get your PS3 repair to us.

Either come to us directly, or let us collect from you for FREE. 

If you want to come to us directly, find our address by Clicking Here.

If you want us to book a free collection from you and deliver it back to you again, click on the free estimate button and get an estimate on the cost of the repair first.

We will then send you a link that you can click on to book a free collection.


Click Here to book a collection now, without getting a estimate cost on the repair first.

If your PS3 is not turning let Console Service Centre help you get it back up and running again.

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