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PS3 Is Not Reading Games

If your PS3 is not reading games this is normally just the laser itself that will need to be replaced.

All gaming consoles lasers usually only last between 3 and 5 years, this will depend on how often you use discs inside the console.

If you are using your PS3 console as a media centre for movies and playing music and then gaming as well, the laser will be used more often and will not last as long. 

Please don’t just buy a disc cleaner to clean the laser in the PS3’s drive, this can cause more damage as the little hairs get stuck in the laser. 

Dust is also not the problem because your PS3 is not reading games. 

Most people strip their PS3 consoles to try and clean the laser and think it might work after that, it doesn’t work if the laser diode is burnt out. 

If you do open your PS3 console to clean the laser, make 100% sure you don’t damage the flexes and take note of how the drive came apart. 

If you do damage the flexes or the drive itself, it will cost you more to get the drive repaired and then you still need to get the laser replaced too! 

Once the laser is replaced we will need to re-align the laser and drive again. 

If this is not done it will still not read any games or other discs you put into the disc drive.

Is it definitely the laser that needs to be replaced? 

The best way to know if it’s definitely the laser that needs to be replace is when you insert a disc and listen to what is happening. 

If you hear the disc spinning and then you hear a click and spinning again, this is definitely the laser that is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If your PS3 is not reading discs like DVD’s or CD’s this is also the complete laser that needs to be replaced.

Most PS3 consoles have a double eye laser, one reads Blu-ray discs and the other reads normal discs such as CD’s or DVD’s. 

PS3 Is Not Reading Discs

Getting the laser replaced 

To get the laser replaced if your PS3 is not reading games, you can come to us directly or book a FREE collection and delivery. 

Cost to replace your PS3 laser 

To get a proper cost on replacing the laser on your PS3 console, simply click on the free estimate button. 

Not all PS3 consoles use the same laser so the prices are different on all models. 

Once you click on the free estimate button you will see pictured of the different PS3 models and you just need to click on the picture of yours.

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