Not taking or ejecting discs

Not Taking Or Ejecting Discs

If your console is not taking or ejecting discs, this is usually just the disc drive itself that has a problem and we will need to do a repair for you.

This problem on the disc drives of all gaming consoles is a very common one and can be repaired very easily.

You will not need to replace the complete disc drive in most cases and we can rather just replace items in the drive to keep the costs down.

Why does the disc drive do this?

There could be a few reasons for the disc drive to give a problem.

Either there is more than one disc stuck inside the drive, the gears are worn and need to be replaced, or the drive and laser need to be aligned again.

Once we open the drive itself and do a proper diagnosis, we will pinpoint the cause of the problem.

What will the cost be?

Click on the button below to select your console type and the get a free automated estimate to repair the disc drive not taking or ejecting.

How to avoid this problem

To avoid this problem from happening or reoccurring again, would be to bring your console in for a service on a yearly basis for a full service.

In the full service we do, the disc drive is one of the items in a service that gets attention.

By doing the service we also re-oil the gears, motors, and shafts the laser runs on and we clean the drive from excessive dust.

This prolongs the life of all the moving parts in a consoles disc drive, as we have said before if it moves it needs to be maintained.

The disc drive is one of the components inside a console that moves a lot and needs maintenance.

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