Gaming Insurance Assessment Letter

Do you need a gaming insurance assessment letter?

If you have had lightning damage to your gaming console or even a power surge or maybe your insurance policy covers any normal damage too, we can do an insurance assessment letter for your insurance company.

We charge a small amount for the assessment and the letter that your insurance company usually does pay for, please check with them first.

We have helped hundreds of customers get their gaming consoles either replaced or repaired through their insurance providers.

The reason why our insurance assessments are so successful is because we are very honest with our reports and won’t just say anything in our reports unless it’s the truth.

We often get customers that phone us up and want to pay for a assessment letter without us even seeing the console first, this is fraud and we will have no part in this.

If you want and insurance assessment letter done for your gaming gaming consoles we will need to see the console physically before would even consider using our name for the report.

To get a gaming insurance assessment report done for your console, pop us a message through our contact us page by Clicking Here 

We can then make arrangements for you to either come through to our offices or to do a collection from you with the courier company we use for a very small collection and delivery fee.

Get your console repaired or replaced with your insurance company by getting a professional insurance assessment report from Console Service Centre.

We have done gaming insurance assessment letter for many insurance companies, please give you insurance company a call and see what you need to do to get a claim done on your gaming console.