Console Servicing Done Yearly

Console Servicing Done Yearly

This post helps you understand what we do when we do a yearly console service for you on your gaming console.

Customers always ask what we do? this post gives you a proper explanation of everything involved in a yearly console service.

Console Servicing Done Yearly

We will strip down your entire console into all the different parts so we can inspect them piece by piece to see if we can see any visual problems or wear and tear.

While doing this the internal parts get cleaned and serviced at the same time.

Thorough clean of the main board

We clean all the dust from the main board so the dust doesn’t cause any static between components, with all the dust build up on the board over time.

Repasting the processor with thermal paste

Then on too one of the most important tasks in servicing your console will be repasting the processor with new thermal paste.

We only use high-quality thermal paste when doing the service so we know you won’t have any problems at a later stage.

While we repasting the processor, we will also make sure the heat pads are still intact and not damaged from the heat in any way.

Servicing the disc drive

From there we will move onto the disc, this is the only real moving part of the console itself.

In the disc drive, you will have gears and little motors that move the laser from side to side to read the disc, and a motor that spins the disc so the laser can read that data.

When we do console servicing this is just important to us, if the oil or grease dries up on the shafts the laser moves on or the gears get sticky because the grease is drying up.

The console will start giving problems while trying to read games.

I had a customer say the other day, that he didn’t know that a gaming console should be serviced just like a car does.

Not many people do know that a console should be serviced once a year if anything has moving parts, it should be serviced at minimum once a year, but it would be better to do it once every six months.

Just like a disc drive has moving parts.

Fan and heatsink

Once we have finished the disc drive, it’s time to move on to the rest of the important items inside a console.

This is cleaning and inspecting the fan, another moving part in the console. We have replaced a few fans at Console Service Centre since 2011 already.

This is because a fan spins on a single shaft and that shaft either wears out over time or the shaft wears out the fan where the shaft goes through eventually.

Why Is The Fan On My PS4 Loud 2

If the fan isn’t spinning properly, the console isn’t cooling down properly either.

This causes a ripple effect and can then cause overheating, and the main processor can then fail due to the heat, and the console can start giving problems.

Once that is done we make sure the fins of the heatsink that cool down the processor is clean and has no obstructions.

Power supply

Next up is the power supply, boy have I been shocked by these buggers a few times already 🙂

The same thing happens in the power supplies as they do on the mainboards. The dust builds up on the components and then causes a short between components inside the power supply.

The gaming consoles are getting slimmer these days and what the manufacturers are doing is putting the power supplies in the back of the consoles.

This is a very bad design in my opinion as the air gets pulled into through the sides of the console goes through the entire console and then all the hot air gets blown out the back through the power supply.

So what happens now? the dust also starts to clog the components inside the power supply and they start getting hot, and eventually, the power supply pops or fails.

Finishing off the job

The last thing we do just before the console goes back our or before you come and collect it, is we give the covers a good polish, and make sure the air vents are all nice and clean.

If the air vents are clean, the console can pull in more air and the console can get rid of hot air quicker.

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