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PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

We can do a PS4 HDMI port replacement for you on any of the PS4 models, PS4 Original, PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. The best way to diagnose if your PS4’s HDMI port needs to be replaced is if you lo...

Ex-Bioware Veteran Aaryn Flynn Heads New Gaming Studio At Improbable

Improbable, the tech company behind the engine-like SpatialOS, has announced that they will be getting into game development with the founding of two new studios. Moreover, one of those studios is hea...

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Coming To PC One Game At A Time

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has served as a great bundle of the earlier Halo games, bringing the beloved shooters of the past to the current generation with various enhancements. However, to thi...

PlayStation VR 2 Could Be Wireless, Based On New Patent Filing By Sony

Sony’s been on a rampage with patent filings of late (which makes sense if their next console is on the horizon). The newest patent filed by the company in Japan is for a VR headset—and it...

Not taking or ejecting discs

PS4 Is Not Reading Discs

If your PS4 is not reading discs, this could just be the laser itself that might need to be replaced. Please don’t use the cleaners you can buy that you put in the PS4 drive and it cleans the laser or...

Why Is The Fan On My PS4 Loud

Why Is The Fan On My PS4 Loud

Why is the fan so loud on my PS4 you might be asking? When last did you do a service on your PS4 console? This is a long article, please make sure you read to the bottom, this will give you a good und...

PS4 Randomly Ejects Discs While Playing

PS4 Randomly Ejects Discs While Playing

When your PS4 randomly ejects discs while playing, we can help you get it repaired. Many people will show you a quick fix online on how to pull out the rubber feet at the bottom, or to even turn the s...

Not taking or ejecting discs

Not Taking Or Ejecting Discs

If your console is not taking or ejecting discs, this is usually just the disc drive itself that has a problem and we will need to do a repair for you. This problem on the disc drives of all gaming co...

Console Servicing Done Yearly

This post helps you understand what we do when we do a yearly console service for you on your gaming console. Customers always ask what we do and this gives you a proper explanation of everything invo...


Get A Free Gaming Repair Estimate

Get your free gaming repair estimate by filling in the form below. By filling in the free gaming repair estimate above, we will send you a free estimate cost of what the repair will cost that you chos...

PS4 Thermal Paste

Video Why it’s important to change the thermal paste on your PS4

Here is a short video we did on why it’s important to replace the thermal paste on your PS4 or any other consoles at least once a year. Fill in the form under this video to get a free automated ...

PS4 Just Gives A White Light

PS4 White Light Of Death Video

Here is a short video we made explaining a little more about the PS4 White Light Of Death problem. Get a free estimate to do the repair under this video.

PS4 Just Gives A White Light

PS4 Just Gives A White Light

If your PS4 just gives a white light at the top on or on other newer PS4 models like the Slim or Pro at the power button. This is usually the HDMI IC or the HDMI port itself that is damaged, we can re...

PS4 Pro Model Number

Find the model number of your PS4

How to find the model number of PS4 console for better estimate costs from us on your repair. All PS4 models, model numbers start with (CUH-) different PS4 models have their models number situated in ...

PS4 is not coming on

PS4 Is Not Coming On Repair

If your PS4 is not coming on at all, this could either be the power supply itself that is faulty and needs to be replaced or there is a problem on the mainboard itself. In this post, I will be discuss...

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