Xbox Red Light Repair Done Right

xbox red light repairThe Xbox red light repair is done with our re-balling machine that we imported specifically to redo the processors on gaming consoles and Mac Book processors.

On the right you will see a picture on the older Xbox 360 consoles where 3 of the red lights are on, you might also only get one or two lights that might be on.

This picture on the right shows the newer Xbox Slim with just a red dot at the power button. Then you also get the Xbox 360 Slim E model that came out after this one that will also just show a red dot on the power button.

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The Xbox red light repair is a fairly common problem on the Xbox 360 console and we do the repairs with our re-balling machine. Don’t use a hair dryer or heat gun like some repair companies do, this will cause major damage to other components¬†on the main board and will never come right again.

Also, don’t try and wrap your Xbox in a towel like some YouTube video’s show you, it will also just over heat other components on the main board, you might as well just put your Xbox in your oven in your kitchen then “Please Don’t”

The Xbox red light repair can be done within a day to two days, this is if we don’t encounter any other problems with the Xbox itself. IF you cannot come to us directly we can also send a courier company to do the collection from your home or office address, even if you not in the Gauteng area.

Get A Free Estimate To Repair The Red Light Here

You can also come to us directly with your Xbox red light repair, please find our address on our contact us page.

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