X Box Red Ring Of Death

X Box red ring of death repair can be repaired by us at Console Service Centre, with a warranty. If you getting a a red light around the power button on your X Box console, we call it the red ring of death or RROD on the X Box 360, on the X Box 360 slim we call it the red dot of death or RDOD. This is a common problem on the older X Xbox 360 consoles and can be repaired.

The X Box red ring of death is a problem with the processor on the main board, and a over heating problem. The processor needs to be redone and re pasted again to keep the processor cool. The thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink gets very hard and doesn't have the same cooling effect as it did when it was new. The only problem is you can't just replace the thermal paste, you also need to re-seat the processor, the repair takes us between 2 and 3 hours to do.

Please don't try and do this repair yourself or take it to someone that doesn't know what they doing, or have the proper equipment to do the repair. Once mistake when doing this repair can damage the main board and you will never get the X Box red ring of death successfully repaired. Let the professionals repair your red ring of death problem for you. The cost to repair the Xbox red ring of death repair is R850.00

This includes everything and a 3 month warranty on the repair. If you have any other questions on repairing the red ring of death on your X Box, please contact us via our contact page and we will gladly assist you with your query.

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