PSP No Power
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PSP No Power

PSP No Power Problem

PSP no power could be a few different things, the first thing to check if your PSP has no power or even no light at all, is your charger. Because people leave the PSP on charge for long periods of time, the charger gets hot and often blows after awhile. This is a common problem with PSP chargers as they don’t have a very long life span if left charging the PSP for long periods of time.

The PSP no power problem can come from the PSP console itself too. We have found a few PSP consoles that blow certain fuses or components on the main board itself, and this can often be repaired by us and you won’t need to buy a new PSP console.

Another reason why the PSP has no power could be the actual batter that needs to be replaced, this also occurs when the PSP is left on charge for longer than it needs to be. The PSP no power fault then occurs because the cells in the batter are dead, very similar to your cars battery. Always leave the PSP on charge until the battery is fully charged and no longer, this will help your PSP battery last longer.

The last PSP no power problem comes from the actual charge port on the PSP consoles, as you can see in the picture. It’s the little yellow port where your PSP’s charger plugs in to charge the PSP console. This port can often get damaged and will need to be replaced. If the charger’s plug goes in but feels loose, then the connection is not made between the charger and the actual PSP consoles itself.

If you having a PSP no power problem, let us help you out, simply click on our contact page at the top to contact us so we can get your PSP and give you a proper quote on the repair of your PSP console. If you want a free estimate on the PSP no power problem before hand please click on the online quote tab at the top of the page.