PSP Main Board Replacement

PSP Mainboard Replacement

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PSP Mainboard Replacement

[/title][fusion_text]PSP mainboard replacement will only be done at worst case scenario, this is if we cannot repair the mainboard at all. There are a few reasons why the main board can be faulty, either a update that didn’t finish properly or even a major component that blew on the PSP mainboard either through a power spike or just a faulty component. Unfortunately with electronics we don’t always know why some of the components blow and some we can see straight away.

A PSP mainboard replacement can be done on all PSP models, some can be a little harder to find and some we have in stock. It will depend on the age of the PSP and what model it is.

The cost of a PSP mainboard replacement is between R650.00 and R750.00

Is it worth it? Yes it is, it’s still half the price of a new PSP. Not just that, the PSP models like the 1000, 2000 and 3000 models have built in wifi and are of a much higher quality than the new PSP E1000 that’s on the market today.

Get your PSP to us today and lets do a PSP mainboard replacement for you and get your PSP up and running again.[/fusion_text]

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