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PSP Board Repair

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PSP Board Repair

[/title][fusion_text]If your PSP board repair needs to be done we can help, and you PSP will be up and running again in no time. How do you know if your PSP just needs a board repair? It’s not easy to see just by testing the PSP to know if it’s just a PSP board repair. We will need to see if it’s just a board problem and a board repair or a complete new main board for your PSP.

Test to see if you need a new charger or a PSP board repair. If you plug in your PSP charger and the light comes on, either green or orange, then your PSP charger is working and it might be your PSP that needs a board repair or a new complete main board.

First test this. If you plug in your charger and the light goes orange, leave it for 10 minutes with the charger plugged in. After that plug out your PSP charger and see if you can switch it on. If the light does go green when switching the PSP on, then your charger is charging the PSP. If you see a green light but no picture try pressing the volume up button a couple of times setting the volume to full, even though you can’t see anything on the screen. The press the direction buttons either left or right and listen closely to hear if there is any sound when you press the direction buttons.

If you do get sound when pressing the direction buttons, this means that the LCD can be damaged and there is nothing wrong with your PSP main board, and you don’t need a PSP board repair. If you get to this point that also means there is nothing wrong with your PSP charger either.

Pricing on your PSP board repair, if we need to repair your PSP board then we can help you. We will repair the PSP board and get your PSP up and running for you again.

The cost of a PSP board repair is R450.00

To get you PSP board repair to us please book it in at any of the 70+ drop off points across South Africa, or bring it directly to us or send it to us with your own courier company.[/fusion_text]

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