PS4 White Light Repair No Picture On HDMI

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PS4 white light repair and problem. If your PS4 console is giving you a white light across the top of the console and no picture on the TV, there is one of two problems it could be. The first will be the HDMI port that is damaged and needs to be replaced, the second is the HDMI circuit or the IC that is faulty.

There is a 90% that if you need the PS4 white light repair done, we will need to repair the HDMI circuit or replace the HDMI IC, we get a lot of PS4 consoles coming in with this problem. There is about a 10% chance that it is the HDMI port or even sometimes both that need to be replaced.

PS4 White Light Repair Collection

We can collect your PS4 console from you directly and repair the white light problem for you. We can collect your PS4 console from your home or work address, all you need to do is pack the PS4 for us.

Once you have accepted the quote we will send you an invoice and you can simply do a bank transfer to make the payment. If you come to us directly, you can pay by card or even cash if you prefer.


We give a warranty on all our parts and workmanship if the parts we replaced on any repair are faulty we will replace it for you free of charge as long as it’s in the warranty period still. All our parts are imported by ourselves, this is why we can give a warranty on all our repairs and the best prices on the PS4 White Light Repair.

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PS4 White Light Repair

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