PS4 Service And Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining your PS4 console is very important, make sure we do it for you at least once a year. We have been getting more emails and phone calls from customers that are complaining that their PS4 consoles are making a noise.

If this is happening with your PS4 console, be very careful this is your fan picking up. The PS4 fan doesn't really pick up or spin faster unless the PS4 console is overheating. If you PS4 is overheating, it could damage your main processor as it isn't cooling down properly and can be damaged if not sorted out as soon as possible.

Don't take any chances when it comes to servicing and maintaining your PS4 console, we can do a proper service for from R450.00 depending if you come directly to us or if you booking it in at one of the ToysRus or Reggies branch, or if we collecting it directly from you.

At the time of this post, a PS4 console costs R6000 + it is much better to rather book your PS4 console in once a year for a proper service at +- R450, don't you think?

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