PS4 Power Problems

Don't worry this is nothing new, the PS3 consoles did it and it seems like the PS4 is doing it as well. This is probably just the power supply that needs to be replaced, with the amount of load shedding we had in the last few months, the power supplies do blow.

When there is load shedding, try and plug the PS4 out at the plug so when the power comes back on again there is no spike in your supply to your house that could blow your PS4 power supply.

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The main culprit for the PS4 power problems have been load shedding or spike in power when the electricity comes back on, and all PS4 power problems have been sorted out by changing out the power supplies.

Remember to always plug your PS4 console out as soon as the power goes off, so when it comes back on again and there is a spike in the amps in the power from Eskom you PS4 power supply will not get damaged. We have seen customers even use surge protectors and this didn't even help, if your read the packaging the surge protector comes in "there is no guarantee it will protect your goods plugged into it"

So the best way for now is to just plug your PS4 out of the wall when there is load shedding, this will avoid the PS4 power problems on your console.

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