PS4 Not Turning On

PS4 Not Turing On Problem

The PS4 not turning on problem is a very common problem on the PS4 consoles, so if you have a PS4 console make sure you plug it out directly from the wall or at the back of your PS4 console. By plugging your PS4 out completely when not using it will help you PS4 console last longer.

Why is the PS4 not turning on? There are two problems on the PS4 consoles when they have a power problem. Either the power supply inside the PS4 console has blown, and will need to be replaced. Or the other problem you might have is what we call the Blue Light Of Death on the PS4 consoles.

Can the PS4 be repaired?

Of course we can repair the PS4 for you. Don't waste your time trying to repair the PS4's power supply, it can't be done! We have imported parts to repair the PS4 power supplies and had some power supply experts to try and repair them in South Africa, and till today no one has successfully repair any of them for us yet.

Blue Light Of Death repair can also be repaired by us, as long as no one else has tried to repair it before we get it. Why do we say this? there are many repair companies out there that claim they can repair the PS4 Blue Light Of Death and they might think they can, but they often cause more problems that anything else.

If your local repair guy doesn't have a re-work machine to do the repair, they will probably use a paint stripping gun to do the repair? This will cause permanent damage to your main board and no one will be able to repair your PS4 again.

We have a proper re-work machine that we imported in 2015 that does the repair properly, so don't take your chances with repair companies that don't have the correct equipment to do your PS4 Blue Light Of Death repair.

Many customers ask us what is the Blue Light Of Death? Well the simple explanation is that the main processor on the main board loses contact with the main board. Once one of the solder balls loose contact with the board at the bottom of the processor it will either come on and go off within a couple of seconds or you might have you fan blowing loud or they PS4 console might come on and go off after 20 minutes or so.

What is the cost of the repair?

To get an estimate on the repair of either the power supply replacement or the Blue Light Of Death repair, please click on the button below and fill in your details.

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