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ps4 not coming on
PS4 Not Power At All

PS4 Not Coming On At All

PS4 not coming on at all, you want to play your favorite game and now the PS4 is completely dead.


If your PS4 is not coming on at all, even if you push the power button or the eject button and there is no sound of the beep at all. This is usually the power supply that will need to be replaced.

Repairing the PS4 power supply

Many customer ask if the power supplies can just be repaired and not replaced? There are a few small parts on the market you can buy that the companies claim will help repair the power supply.

We have also imported certain components and replaced them in the PS4 power supplies and have not been very successful.

We have brought in parts for the power supplies and given them to high level electronic experts that even build UPS and power supplies for different industries, they have also told us it's not worth the hassle and is might even fail after it's been repaired again.

How you can fix the PS4 not coming on at all?

The only way to really repair the PS4 not coming on or completely dead problem is to replace the complete power supply itself.

When buying a power supply, make sure the buy the right one. There are a few PS4 models and they use different power supplies.

If you don't want to repair itself and would like to get it repaired by us here at Console Service Centre, just scroll down to the bottom and we will give you a free estimate.

Why do you get the problem with a PS4 not coming on at all?

This problem comes from either lightning, power surges or even overheating itself. We have even found cockroaches inside the PS4 consoles that can also short the power supply out.

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