PS4 Is Not Coming On

If your PS4 is not coming on at all there are a few things that can be wrong, either your power supply has blown, the main board itself might be faulty or you might have what we call the Blue Light Of Death.

PS4 is not coming on at all

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In this post I would like to talk about the problem where the PS4 is not coming on at all and is completely dead.

If your PS4 is not coming on when you press the power button or the eject button and doesn’t even make any beeping sound, this is probably just the power supply itself that is faulty and will need to be replaced.

With the PS4 consoles there are a few different models out now and almost all of them have different power supplies fitted. We keep all the different power supplies for the PS4 consoles in stock and can get you up and running quickly again.

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If you need us to collect your PS4 repair anywhere in South Africa from your work or home address this can also be arranged, this will save you time and money as we are all so busy these days.

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