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PS4 HDMI Port Damaged

If you have a PS4 HDMI port repair and you don’t get any picture on your TV screen. Usually, the pins either bend inside the HDMI port or with the original HDMI ports on the PS4 consoles the pins can also get pushed in.

This is a very common problem on the PS4 consoles and we can repair it for you very quickly. Please don’t take this repair to just anyone, we have received a few where the board has been very damaged. Some repair companies don’t have the correct equipment and pull the contact points from the man board.

This causes a problem where we need to trace those points and rebuild or re-route the circuit to make a connection to the HDMI port again. Some HDMI circuit repairs are successful as long as the previous company has not damaged it badly by putting to much heat into the board to remove the HDMI port itself.

If You Need A PS4 HDMI Port Repair, We Can collect

If you cannot come to us directly, we can also collect your PS4 console from you and do the repair and send it back to you again. We can collect your PS4 repair from your home or work address, all you need to do is package it securely for us.

Payment Of Repair

We don’t charge for quotation or to do an assessment to do a quote on your PS4 HDMI port repair. If you need to do a payment to us, we can accept payment via EFT if we collected the PS4 from you directly. If you come to us directly you can either pay by card or cash if you prefer.

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PS4 HDMI Port Repair

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