PS4 HDMI Port Repair Or Replacement

ps4 hdmi port repairDo you need a PS4 HDMI port repair done, we can replace it for you. The problem with the HDMI ports has been giving everyone problems with all the PS4 models.

For some reason, they get damaged very easily and we have done 100s of them since the launch of the PS4 console. Get a free estimate on the HDMI port repair by click here.

A PS4 HDMI port repair takes about an hour to 2 hours to do if we need to rebuild the circuit or about a half hour if there are no other issues. All our repair carry a 3-month warranty on our parts and workmanship.

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70% of the time it is just the HDMI port itself that needs to be replaced, but it could also be the HDMI IC that needs to be replaced. In the summer season, we get a lot of PS4’s with what we call the white light of death. This is due to lightning damage and power surges going through the HDMI port, this then causes the HDMI IC that blows.

To the right you will see a picture of the HDMI IC, there are different models of these IC’s in each PS4 model. Not all IC’s work in different model PS4 consoles.

If you just have a normal PS4 HDMI port repair we can do the repair for you within an hour to 3 days, just depends on our work load.

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All our repairs come with a warranty on the parts and workmanship. If you cannot come to us directly we can also send our courier company to do a collection from your home or work address for a small fee.

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