PS4 Has No Power At All

PS4 Has No Power At AllIf your PS4 has no power at all, not even the light in the front showing a red light. This is a very common problem with the PS4 models, 95% of the time this is just a power supply that has blown and needs to be replaced.

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Why do the power supplies blow on the PS4 consoles? Well, this can be a few different reasons, either if you had a power surge or if you had lightning in your area.

We have noticed that even in winter there is still the customer with power problems too. This could be because of a power surge, but we have noticed that since the PS3 slim there have been many power supply problems on the slim design.

The problem with the new design is that all the hot air inside the console blow out through the power supply. This hot air causes the components¬†inside the power supply “That are already hot” get even hotter and they eventually fail. Once they blow you have the problem where the PS4 has no power at all, or the PS4 might come on and just shut down after a second or two, more on that in another post later.

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Remeber if you cannot come to us directly and need your PS4 power problem sorted out, we can also do a collection from your home or work address with the courier company we use.

If we just need to replace the power supply, this can be done within an hour or even less. Please check with us before you come around to make sure we have the power supply for your specific PS4 model in stock.

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