PS4 Comes On And Just Goes Off

PS4 Comes On And Just Goes OffWhen your PS4 comes on and just goes off again, it could be one of two problems. There is either a problem with the power supply and it just needs to be replaced, or you have what we call the Blue Light Of Death. Next, I will explain to you how you to test if it’s the power supply or the BLOD.

If the red light is on and you try switching the PS4 on and it goes off within 2 seconds, and then you try and push the power button again and nothing happens at all. Try plugging out the power cable in the back of the PS4 and plug it in again, then try and put the PS4 on again. If it then tries to come on again after you plugged the power out and in again, there is a good chance that your power supply is faulty.

If you don’t have to plug the power out and in again to get a response, then this could be the Blue Light Of Death problem you experiencing. This has more to do with the main processor on your main board than your power supply itself.

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Hope this post has helped you know the difference between a power supply and Blue Light Of Death problem.

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