PS4 CD Drive Repair

PS4 Repairs

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PS4 CD Drive Repair

PS4 CD Drive repairs are a very common repair we get questions on or need to quote on to get it fixed for our customers.


One of the most common problems are the drive rollers that hook out or the drive itself goes out of align or even gears get stripped.

Repairing PS4 CD Drive Rollers

The roller repair can be done by yourself it you wanted to try stripping your PS4 console yourself, it's not advised.

To strip a PS4 console you will need to remove a few items including strippiing the CD drive itself. There are a few flexes that can easily be damaged and will need to be replaced if they are damaged.

Aligning Your PS4 CD Drive

When it comes to aligning the CD drive this needs to be done by us and tested every time an adjustment has been made. If this has been done incorrectly, your discs will get scratched and can be thrown away.

Changing Gears Inside The PS4 CD Drive

When the PS4 CD drive repairs need to be done and we need to replace the gears itself, we will need to get the PS4 in and replace them for you.

Getting The PS4 CD Drive Repair Done

Getting your PS4 CD drive repair done is as simple as dropping the PS4 console with us for an hour or two or even letting us do a free collection from you.

Once the PS4 CD drive has been repaired and test thoroughly, we will call you or send it back to your home or work address.

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