PS3 HDMI Not Working

PS3 HDMI Not Working

PS3 HDMI Not WorkingAnother one of the problems the PS3 often has with it’s HDMI port either blown or simply stopped working. Well there might just be a chance that your PS3’s HDMI port is working and is not blown or faulty at all. Read this post here on the Sony website and see if you get visuals from your HDMI port again, visit Click Here

If this doesn’t work there is a really good chance that your actual HDMI port might be damaged or blow If you have had lightning in your area. If your PS3 HDMI is not working and is blown it’ might have come through your TV if you have a ariel plugged in, or even via your router if your PS3 was plugged in to it via a cable and not connected via the wireless.

We have had a few PS3 consoles that came right when we did the repair, but some of them the board was actually burnt and that can’t be repaired at all. In this case we replace the entire mother board, this is at worst case.

PS3 HDMI not working problems that have been blown or damaged through lightning can be claimed through your insurance company once we have done the inspection and give you a proper damage report. Please note we will not do a damage report without actually inspecting the PS3 console first.

So to avoid your PS3 HDMI port from being blown, either buy a really good router and rather connect wirelessly, a good router can avoid lag when gaming. The other obvious option will be to plug your PS3 console out as soon as you see any lightning in the skies.

So contact us to make arrangements to get your PS3 HDMI port not working problem sorted out for you or replace the mother board or give you a proper damage report so you can do a insurance claim and get a new PS3 console.