PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Problem

PS3 Repairs

The PS3 Yellow Light Of Death repair can be successfully be repair and work for years to come after that.


How is the PS3 Yellow Light Repaired

PS3 Repairs

We have a 90% success rate on doing the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death repairs and they stay working for years after that.

The way we do the Yellow Light repairs is to use a reflow workstation that we imported to specifically do these repairs only.

With this reflow station we can do a full reball of the visual chip and the processor itself.

If the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death repair is done with a reflow or reballing workstation, the heat is very controlled and this way the mainboard will not get damaged.

How Not To Do The Yellow Light Repair

There are many companies out there that claim they can do the Yellow Light Of Death repairs on the PS3 consoles, and don't use the correct equipment to do it.

Most of these companies use a hot air gun or even sometimes a hair dryer. This repair is very risky and they can damage the mainboard to a point where the repair will not be repairable at all.

The reason for this is that they often overheat the components on the mainboard or the main chips themselves.

Doing the Yellow Light Of Death repairs this way will not last even if they do come right and just come back in a month or two again.

You will loose all the money you paid for the repair and even might end up with a PS3 that can never be repaired after that again.

Symtoms Of Yellow Light Of Death

If you have the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death problem, your PS3 console will come on, the light will go green and for a split second the light will go yellow and then the PS3 will go off and the light will go red. 

We also call the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death, YLOD for short. If you need a collection done from your home or office address we can also arrange it for you.

This is a common problem on all PlayStation consoles, even the PS4 does it, we just call that the Blue Light Of Death.


  • Don't take your repair to unqualified people
  • Don't try this repair yourself
  • If you don't get a warranty, don't leave it there


If you need the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repaired professionally and with a proper warranty.

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