PS3 Repairs

PS3 Repairs

Some of the popular PS3 repairs we can help you with.

  • PS3 not reading games, Blu-Ray discs or normal CD discs like music or movies. This is a common problem on all PS3 models and even other types of gaming consoles. The laser inside gaming consoles that read the discs only last between 3 and 5 years and then need to be replaced.

  • PS3 comes on and goes off in 2 to 3 seconds, this problem is also commonly known as the Yellow Light Of Death or YLOD for short on the PS3 consoles. Just before the PS3 console goes off you will see the green light go yellow for a split second and then shut down, some of the PS3 models might might show the yellow light before going off.

  • PS3 not taking or ejecting discs, this is either the gears inside the CD/DVD drive that are worn out and need to be replaced or that the drive itself needs to be re-aligned again. When we do a repair on the CD/DVD drives on the PS3 consoles, we do a full service on the drive at the same time. Most of the drive repairs don’t require a new laser, but if it needs to be replaced we will let you know before hand.

  • PS3 software problems. There are a few different software problems that might occur with the PS3 consoles, but generally the PS3 might want to try and do a restore or load software and it might just hang in the process and stop and lets say for example 43% and no going any further than that. If you also have a problem where the main menu of the PS3 is a lot slower than normal, this could also be the software that is corrupt.

  • PS3 is completely dead, and doesn’t even show the red light at the power button. This is probably just the power supply that needs to be replaced and this can be done very quickly, saving you any down time on your gaming.

  • PS3 no picture on TV. If you plug your PS3 console in to your TV and you not getting any picture showing on A/V or on the HDMI side this could be a software problem and we will need to reload the software for you. If your A/V is working but you not getting any picture on HDMI only, this could be the HDMI port that is damaged, if the port looks find then we might need to repair the HDMI circuit on the main board.

If you have any of the above PS3 repair that need to be done on your PS3 consoles, no matter the model PS3 you have, we can help you.

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