PS3 Not Taking Or Ejecting Discs

PS3 Repairs

If you have a problem with a PS3 not taking or ejecting discs the first thing you should do is make sure you check your disc covers for missing discs, this is if you have small kids. We have many PS3 consoles that come in with up to 5 discs inside the CD/DVD drive of gaming consoles.

If you don’t have small kids and the CD/DVD drive on the PS3 just stopped taking or ejecting discs, it could be the drive board that is faulty, the CD/DVD drive that needs to be re-aligned or gears that need to be replaced in the drive itself.

Remeber you can also make use of our collection and delivery service where we can collect your PS3 repairs from your home and work address and deliver them back to you again.

PS3 fat not reading games or discs

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