PS3 Not Reading Games Or Discs


PS3 Not Reading Games Or Discs

PS3 Not Reading Games Or DiscsAre you having problems with your PS3 not reading games or discs, or maybe it reads discs but not your games. This is a common problem on any gaming console and we do many laser replacements on PS3 console every month. A PS3 laser has a life span of 3 to 5 years, this will depend on how often you use your PS3 and how long you play games at a time, if you like me it can be 12 hours straight 🙂

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Once the laser has been replaced on your PS3 console you will be able to enjoy your gaming again and watch all you favourite Blu-Ray movies too. You get different PS3 laser replacements on different models, you get some PS3 models that use a single laser or eye, or you get models that have a duel eye laser. The PS3 consoles with a duel eye laser has a Blu-Ray side and the other eye reads the normal discs like CD or DVD, unfortunately you need to replace the complete laser unity and can’t just replace the eye itself.

All PS3 consoles not reading games or discs will get a new laser replacement and we will get rid of all of the dust in your console at the same time. If you want you laser to last longer make sure you send your PS3 console to us once a year to clean it out and give it a proper service, this includes servicing the drive and cleaning the machine.

Ways to make sure your laser lasts longer

  • Make sure your discs are clean and don’t have scratches
  • Don’t leave the PS3 games on pause for long periods
  • Let us service the PS3 console for you once a year

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