PlayStation Or Xbox Console?


playstation or xbox
playstation or xbox

We get this question on a daily basis, what is better PlayStation or Xbox? Well this will all depend on a few different personal factors.


PlayStation And Xbox Repairs

When it comes to repairs on both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the prices are very similar. We do get more repairs on Playstation consoles than Xbox, but they just sell more in SA.

PlayStation Gaming With Xbox Online

The biggest factor is what console does your friends have, and do you ever play your games online with your friends? If you play mostly online, then your best bet is to get what the majority of your friends have.

If you do buy a PlayStation console and all your friends have the Xbox console you will not be able to play games together. There is no cross play available at this stage of writing this post.

Not All Games Are On Xbox or PlayStation

One of the other main factors that might make you change your mind if you don't really play online much is the what games are you favorite and do you get them on the console you want to buy next?

Because there is so much competition in the gaming market when it comes to console sales, not all games are available on both the Xbox and the PlayStation consoles.

The reason PlayStation and Xbox do this is to keep their customer base, so they just buy the rights to a game so they can keep their customer when the next version of the game comes out again.

So when you do buy your next gaming console or you just wanted to upgrade to a different platform, make sure if you play online, your friends have the same console.

If you a big fan of a certain game make sure you search and see if that game is either available on both platforms or that the game is available on the platform you buying.

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