PlayStation 3 Repairs Done The Right Way

PS3 Repairs

PlayStation 3 Repairs
PlayStation 3 Repairs

We do PlayStation 3 Repairs to all models. I know the feeling when you want to play your favorite games on the weekend and your PS3 doesn't want to work. What do you do now in your spare time when there is nothing else to do!


Now your first thought is that you might need to buy a new PS3 console and that is going to be pricy. Then you search around on Google to see if there isn't maybe a quick fix or something you can do yourself to repair the PS3?

The next questions now is, how long will it last after it has been repaired or even can it be repaired and them how trustworthy are repair companies that do the repairs?

The last thing that then also comes to mind is cost of repairs in relation to buying a new PS3 console, and where you going to find the time now to take it in for repairs?

I assure you that there is a way to get passed this struggle and the questions you have.

Expert PlayStation 2 Repairs

Why Is Your PS3 Giving You Problems?

The big problem with most console repairs we do is either dust or just failure of a certain part in the PlayStation 3 that needs to be replaced.

It's recommend that all gaming consoles need to be serviced at least once a year, just as you would service you car so that the engine last longer, your PlayStation 3 should also be serviced once a year.

The parts that usually due fail inside the PS3 consoles are the laser, the power supply, the hard drive and even sometimes the software. Even though the software isn't a part it can give problems at times.

Some of the parts mentioned above that do fail, also fail due to consoles not being serviced. When the console is on it sucks in cool air to cool down the processors and blows the hot air out the back of the console.

With this air it sucks it also sucks in a lot of dust, and the dust causes all sorts of problems. The dust can get inside the CD/DVD drive and this causes damage to the laser over time and the dust packing up on the fan and other components on the main board.

When the dust affects the fan and the components it makes them overheat and then the power supplies blows or components on the main board eventually fail.

How to solve your PlayStation 3 repairs issues

PlayStations 3 repairs cost far less than buying a new one and the parts used by us are of high quality and come with a warranty.

Repairs can be done quickly, and you can be back up and running within a day so you can play your favorite games with your friends again

If you don't have the time to drive out to us and bring your PlayStation 3 Repairs to us, we can collect the PS3 from your home or even work.

In the future after we have done your PlayStation 3 repairs, we recommend that you bring in your PS3 at least once a year for a full service.

By doing a service with us it will help you spend less on maintenance costs and also help with down time.

Let Us Help You With Your PlayStation 3 Repairs

Get your free estimate to repair your PS3 up and running again by clicking the button below and filling out the estimate form.

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