PS3 Hard Drive Problems

PS3 Repairs

If you experiencing PS3 hard drive problems, you will often find the main menu on the PS3 hang for a split second when moving from left to right, or even find that your games don't load and give an error or even get stuck.

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PS3 Comes On And Goes Off

PS3 Repairs

When a PS3 comes on and goes off within a few seconds, this could either be a power supply problem or the main processor that needs to be redone on your PS3 consoles main board. This is a very common problem and can be repaired very often with our re-balling machine if it is the main processor.

No matter where you are in SA we can collect and deliver your PS3 console from your home or work address, thus saving you time and money.

PS3 Software Problems

PS3 Repairs

If you having PS3 software problems you might have a few things happening with your PS3 console. You might have one of the two screens in the pictures where your PS3 is trying to install new software or do a recovery and it just hangs on a certain percentage or your PS3 might be slow in the main menu.

If you need us to collect your PS3 with software problems from your home or work it can also be arranged. We will give you more info on the collection and delivery of your PS3 console when we send you an estimate on your repair.

PS3 Fat Not Giving Picture On The TV

PS3 Repairs

If you having a problem where your PS3 fat not giving you picture on the TV, this is either the software, the HDMI port or even the HDMI IC or A/V port that is faulty on the PS3 fat. We suggest you inspect the cable you using that goes to your TV from the PS3 Fat first, then maybe look inside the port on your PS3 fat to see if there is any damage to either the HDMI or A/V port.

If you cannot come to us or don’t have time to get off work, we can also collect your PS3 fat console from your work or home address and deliver it back to you again.

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