Most popular questions

If you in the Guateng area and come directly to us, most repairs can be done within an hour. If you book in your repairs at any of the drop off points in Gauteng area and we collect, it takes between 3 and 7 days. If you book your repairs in at any of the drop off points out of the Gauteng area the repairs will take between 5 and 10 days.
You can book in your repairs at any of the ToysRus or Reggies branches in your area. Please call or email us as soon as you have booked it in so we can arrange for the collection.
You can either book your repairs in at any of the ToysRus or Reggies branches across South Africa. Bring it directly to us. Let us collect directly from your home or office. Send your repairs to us via your own courier or driver.
No. We don't charge any assessment fees, we only charge for collection and and delivery to cover the courier or fuel costs. If you do go ahead with repairs and the console can be repaired, there will be no collection or delivery fees.
All our repairs carry a 3 month warranty.
You will receive a quote from us and we will send you banking details for payments once you have approved the quote, payments can only be made directly to us and not at any of the drop off points.
No. We only do out of warranty repairs for the most popular gaming consoles. Any warranty repairs need to go back to the manufacturer. We do however do the warranty repairs on the Kurio Tablets and we are the repair agents for them.
No. We don't repair controllers or any accessories, we only repair gaming consoles.
We only use new parts and we import our parts ourselves, there is no middle man.
Sure. We can offer you three months to pay off any of the repairs. Once your repair has been paid in full we start on the repair and send it back to you, or where you booked it in.
No, definitely not! We will never get involved with any chipping or modding of any gaming consoles in any forms at all. 1. You gaming console will give you more problems than it's worth. 2. We feel it's illegal and is costing the gaming industry millions every month, and this is why the games prices are so high. 3. We don't care if you using the mod or the chip for other reasons, we still feel it will lead to piracy some or other time. Please don't even ask us. We will repair normal repairs on a modded or chipped console but we won't do the modding or chipping.
If you hold your mouse over the our services menu, you will see a drop down with all the repair we do and read up on all the repairs we do for that console.
At this stage we don't, we would probably look at it in the future.
We have a few second hand games from time to time, but we don't sell any new games right now. This is another item we will be selling in the future.