Collection And Delivery Of Gaming Repairs

Collection And Delivery Of Repairs

We can do a free collection and delivery of all your gaming repairs no matter where you are in South Africa.

We can arrange a collection and delivery back to your home or work address, please make sure there is someone there the whole day between 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.

We use a courier company to do all our collection and delivery of your gaming repairs. Please make sure you gaming repair is packaged in a box with either bubble wrap or some crumpled up newspaper so the gaming console cannot move around in the box when in transit.

When your gaming repairs are done and paid via a bank transfer, we will package the gaming console and put it back in the deliveries for the courier to come and collect again.

The only time we will charge you for collection and delivery back to you again for gaming repairs is when the console cannot be repaired or you don’t go ahead with the repairs. We can also scrap your gaming console if it cannot be repaired and cancel the collection and delivery costs.

Save time and money and let us do a gaming collection from you work our home now, please fill in the online estimate form and we will send you a free, no obligation estimate with a link to do a free online collection from you.